One World Theatre

The One World Theatre, which had originally been built as a private residence in 1996, stalled from lack of funding. As a result, the owner/investor at the time was either going to have to sell it, or find a partner. In 1998 Hartt became an equal partner in the property, known as Barton Creek Art Center, and the building was converted into a commercial classification. It was then that Hartt had the idea to present concerts, dance, theatrical and kid’s productions as an expansion of the service provided by One World. One World Theatre, which was green built out of 85% recycled Styrofoam (along with it’s offices which were made of straw bale and Styrofoam), opened in July of 1999. One World, with Hartt, the Executive Director of the non-profit, and Nada Stearns, the Director of Family Programming, ran all arts related programming at the theatre, as the non-profit leased the property from Barton Creek Art Center.